Remember the real estate bubble of 8 years ago? Remember how the world reeled under the consequences of being blind to the obvious truth that real estate prices can never grow unchecked? We at were established soon after with a single aim in mind – “To educate the common public and more particularly those active in the real estate market on how this turbulent market really works.

Granted that unlike the stock market where millions can easily be made and lost in a matter of seconds or minutes, the housing market isn’t so volatile but knowing the right time to buy, cities with excellent future growth and factors that influence specific locality pricing is paramount to ensuring a successful real estate career. Even those with aspirations of owning a single property for the rest of their life – something they can call their very own – requires diligent research.

At COLONY.US we hope to provide sufficient tips, tricks, news, information and recaps of daily to monthly events that can help you make a sound real estate investment.

Hope you find that dream home of yours!